male reader fanfiction writer

⥞ sintenima ⥟

hi ― i go by sintenima on wattpad, but feel free to call me mira!

any pronouns
minor ― hs

main worksstatus
SPIKED. ushijimacompleted 8.31.20
TRAUMA. naruto x bnhastarted 8.03.20
BOUND. the miya twinsstarted 11.27.20

⥞ questions and answers ⥟

these are just some general questions that i would love to answer!

how long have you been writing?seven years!
what was your first fanfiction?cube smp with graser10, bayanii, kiinqtonq, parkergames, etc!
what was your most famous book before spiked?She's Gold | akashi x aomine, haikyuu crossover | 10k reads and Here we go Again | lookism male oc | 11k reads
why did you start writing?i started writing because i wanted to see and read my own fantasies in a digital form!
why did you switch from female ocs to male readers?i switched because there honestly isn't enough male readers out there, and the ones that are, i have already read in the past.
do you plan on publishing another fanfiction?as of right now, no. trauma is going to take probably over a year to finish, as well as bound. by then ill be off to college and wish to prioritize my studies.
how can i get good?practice, continue writing!
can we become friends?of course! message me on my socials at any time!

⥞ where to contact ⥟

you can contact me through wattpad or discord!

socials ― reminder: i live in pacific standard time !
discord : eyki #0008 ― can change
wattpad ― just privately msg me or comment on my board !
twt : joeyisoverparty ― i tweet random things about my fanfictions and drop spoilers !

if i dont respond quickly; im most likely busy or sleeping

⥞ general tips ⥟

i started writing fanfictions/stories seven years ago and consistently built up my writing skills. they were terrible in the beginning, so don't think that you'll never improve!

challenge yourself; either set a word limit or be more detailed in your writing
don't compare yourself to others; this causes a negative mindset which is no good!
tips cont.
it shouldn't be a chore; if you feel like not writing it, your readers won't enjoy it either
separate your paragraphs and dialogue!
fonts ― some fonts arent android friendly/wont appear on some devices, just to keep that in mind

disclaimer: by no means am i a professional writer, or even a good one.